Into the Pixel 2010 - Hotel des Arts, San Francisco
by sabine7 / April 3, 2010

For someone with a Toad fixation (I know this is not Toad, I know, but ...), it was pretty hard to accept that this painting by Denisse Ogata was sold when I set eyes on it on a wall on the third floor of San Francisco's Hotel des Arts. The Into the Pixel 2010 video art exhibition coincided with a recent stay at this most excellent art hotel in San Francisco where each room bears the handiwork of different artists. The four floors of the hotel are hung with work in a variety of media, as well, so there is plenty to look at in a relaxed non-gallery setting. As for accommodations, well, the location is perfect, the price is right and breakfast is included. We'll be back.

Artist: Denisse Ogata






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