Bird Watching by Paula McCartney
by sabine7 / April 11, 2010

What a beautiful book! Bird Watching by photographer Paula McCartney is a collection of colorful birds found in their natural habitats across the United States, standing out like gemstones among the greenery of the woods or winter's bare branches. Prefaced by an introductory essay by Karen Irvine and followed by a piece by Darius Hines, Bird Watching is the perfect book for anyone who has wished he or she could snap that perfect photo while birding: they are mighty hard to come by. McCartney is all too aware of this problem that affects all birders, as she too went to a lot of trouble to capture these birds on film. The thing is ... they are not real birds.

Hardcover, 120 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. $31.50 at Amazon.

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(Beautiful book, excellent photography, creative design, and ... fake birds. No, not real birds Photoshopped in, but little masses of styrofoam and feathers that have been artfully wired to the perfect branch. And that's what makes this book a real prize.))

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