Out of the Black by Matt Campbell
by sabine7 / March 29, 2010

So sad! Yet our natural inclination is toward that which is shiny and new despite the damage to natural resources and the resulting pollution. Matt Campbell illustrates this by coating well-loved stuffies in black rubber, freezing them in time and space. As he puts it, they are " wrenched out of the blue (the natural living world) and thrown into the black (the artificial or "dead" world that we create)." This work is symbolic of our relationship with nature: we claim to love it, but we sure do mess around with it as well.

Artist: Matt Campbell
+ outoftheblack.org
+ galleryhanahou.com

Out of the Black opens April 1, 2010 at Gallery Hana Hou in New York.

Chubby Black Bear

Black Monkey

Black Moggy


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