Ciara by Chris Biddy
by sabine7 / March 2, 2010

New Message is the name of an exhibition of work by Chris Biddy that is based on the Facebook and MySpace photos, especially those taken with cellphones. Quite often these are the self-portraits of adolescent girls somewhere in the nebulous space between vanity, self-awareness and simple exuberance. In his pointillist paintings, Biddy seeks their psychological dramas and conceited behaviors, and admits, "I find myself jealous of girlhood and the paintings are a way of projecting myself into the situation. I am interested in gender roles and what it means to be a girl or to become a woman. Culturally I wonder about where I exist as the other..." The message may not be new, and soon the medium will cease to be as well. This portrait of Ciara is particular telling: note the reflection in her sunglasses.

Artist: Chris Biddy

New Message runs through March 23, 2010 at ATM Gallery in New York.

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