Blue-Fox LS1 by Sofi Zezmer
by sabine7 / February 25, 2010

Fragments of drinking straws, IV drip tubing, construction netting, film, foil, packing materials, bicycle helmets, cable ties and funnels make up three-dimensional structures by Sofi Zezmer. The mixed-media sculptures are colourful assemblages of synthetic materials taken out of context and repurposed in order to contribute to a new identity. Many of Zezmer's works, with an air of scientific model about them, have an interactive element to them, either encouraging the viewer to make use of various vantage points or to look right into the pieces for a different perspective.

Artist: Sofi Zezmer

Sofi Zezmer's work will be shown at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York, February 27 - April 3, 2010.

Blue-Fox LS1

Gog LS1

Gog LS1 (detail)

Trans-Net LS1 Orange

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