Even the Ghost of the Past by Marcel Dzama
by sabine7 / January 31, 2010

Even the Ghost of the Past by Marcel Dzama is actually a volume of two books bound into one, with two front covers. One section covers 2-dimensional work from an exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York, and the other is filled with dioramas and sculptures. Included with the book is a DVD of animated shorts, so the whole package is great for the collector. The drawings in this collection are of a classic muted palette: browns, greys, greens and reds. The characters are human, animal and hybrid, all caught in narratives of the imagination. The result is strangely compelling mystery, somewhat akin to a performance of sorts.

Hardcover, 244 pages. Steidl/David Zwirner 2008. $53.07 at Amazon.

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