So Much of Nobody by Daniel Lim
by sabine7 / January 25, 2010

Daniel Hyun Lim's main influence is media. In a statement he is quite frank: "The influence of my work mainly comes from media. I grew up watching lots and lots of television. My work revolves around pop culture, fun and excitement. However, when people see my work, they do not see "bumble gum hyper Japanese things". Although it is filled with these images, I could not let go of my darker, more depressed nature. It may be because of losing my mother to depression, or a simple crushed heart. Whatever it is, there was always a taste of darkness in my work."

Artist: Daniel Lim

27th of May

"This painting is about what I thought might have happened in Japan on May 27th 2009. I have never traveled to Japan except to visit through movies, books and the internet."

PS I Bring Flowers

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