Made & Sold by FL@33
by sabine7 / January 24, 2010

Made & Sold is a publication put together by FL@33, a visual communications studio in London. This inspirational paperback is a compilation of projects by a variety of artists, designers and illustrators that allow them to make money from their practice, albeit via a different route. Some of the projects include prints, posters, t-shirts, accessories, toys and jewellery. Over 500 sideline projects by about 90 practitioners are covered in this book that shows how creativity and hard work can pay off both financially and on a more personal level. As Emmi Salonen says, "I suppose as a graphic designer I am commissioned to convey someone else's message, by profession. And sometimes I've just got things to say myself." And few would disagree with the sentiments of Stefan G. Boucher, "I've always wanted my own products, so I could control every aspect of
the project from idea to illustration, writing, and design. He who signs the cheques controls the type size."

Paperback, 240 pages. Laurence King Publishers, 2009. $18.21 at Amazon.

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