Squonk's Tears by Howard Fonda
by sabine7 / January 12, 2010

Howard Fonda's latest body of work is currently on exhibition as Squonk's Tears. This theme is derived from the legend of the Squonk, an unattractive woodland beast searching for acceptance, and results in a series of abstract oil paintings that are composed of hundreds of scribbles and lines that are played with and placed until the artist feels the right spot has been chosen. More about the Squonk after the jump.

Artist: Howard Fonda
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Squonk's Tears runs through February 6, 2010 at the Mixed Greens Gallery in New York.


"The legend of the Squonk began long ago in the rich Hemlock forests of Pennsylvania. A mythical beast covered with warts and blemishes, the Squonk is judged by mankind to be grotesque despite its innate desire for acceptance. Misunderstood, it spends its days hiding and weeping, trapped in its ill-fitting skin. For as long as the legend has existed, the Squonk has been able to evade capture by dissolving into a pool of tears."


"The insightful metaphor and romantic anthropomorphism of the Squonk's tale are extremely poignant today. The creature's dilemma functions, as many monster tales do, as a symbol of vulnerability and crisis. Adopting the perspective of the Squonk provides us with an opportunity to experience empathy and hope."



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