Dark Beach by Raychael Stine
by sabine7 / December 23, 2009

Raychael Stine's dogs romp happily through scenes set with abstraction as they take part in a winter group exhibition called Chill at the d berman gallery in Austin. Also featured is work by Jennifer Maestre, who creates organic, sculptural shapes out of pencils, many of which are inspired by sea urchins. Steve Wiman's tidy installations of the bits and pieces that make up life's flotsam are pared down presentations of the remainders of excess.

Artists: Cynthia Camlin, Sara Frantz, Jennifer Maestre, Leslie Mutchler, Raychael Stine, Steve Wiman & Sydney Yeage
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Chill runs through February 6, 2010 at the d berman gallery in Austin, Texas.

Dark Beach by Raychael Stine

Silkie by Jennifer Maestre

Steve Wiman


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