Bath Towel by Yoshitomo Nara
by sabine7 / December 10, 2009

Art becomes truly functional when Artware Editions collaborates with visual artists to create art pieces that do not stray from utility while representing the artists' larger bodies of work. This season is no exception with a number of new limited edition pieces, including towels from Yoshitomo Nara and Peter Doig and jewellery from Kiki Smith. John Gerrard silverplates the bones of a goat to create cutlery and this year's vinyl Christmas trees for the wall are by Laurie Simmons and Christopher Daniels.


Bath/Beach Towel by Peter Doig

Silver-Plated Bone Salad Tossers by John Gerrard are made from the shoulder blades of a goat.

Beach/Bath Towel by Yoshitomo Nara

Cast Silver Large Bird in Flight Pin by Kiki Smith

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