Orioles by Xenz
by sabine7 / December 9, 2009

British spray can artist, Xenz is sometimes referred to as the Monet of graffiti, thanks to his soft aerosol art landscapes. This medium allows the artist to reproduce images and fragments of memory in a subtle manner that lends itself well to his subjects. Xenz introduces his latest work: "One day, I was painting on a rooftop and noticed a Grey Wagtail skipping around some dog dirt. I stopped painting and watched this agile bird happily catching the flies. I loved it. So I began a body of work inspired by birds that catch flies: Flycatchers, Bee-eaters and the like. I have painted butterflies on my graffiti for over a decade, so much so that they have become somewhat of an icon of my style. I love the way their wings add colour to the grey environment in which I paint. (...) If I can create awareness of the natural world through this urban art form known as graffiti then I'm happy. (...) It's not all about darkness and anger; sometimes it's nice to be nice, and besides, graffiti originates from caves as well as subways."

Artist: Xenz
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