Flughafen (JFK 2) by Frank Bauer
by sabine7 / November 30, 2009

Despite the inconvenience and discomfort involved in modern day air travel, there is still a hint of romance about being almost magically transported from one point to another. Arriving at dawn or dusk just adds to the mystery - for a moment, it seems that anything can happen. Such are the feelings captured by Frank Bauer whose airport paintings may appear empty at first glance, but the immenseness of the sky evokes a promise of adventure to come. The title of Bauer's new series, Jet Set, seems more suited to his usual style of party paintings, rather than to a literal interpretation of the subjects of these oils.

Artist: Frank Bauer
+ galerievoss.de

Jet Set is on show at Galerie Voss in Düsseldorf through January 15, 2010.

Flughafen JFK 1

Flughafen Heathrow 2

Flughafen JFK 2


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