Restless and Wild by Victor Castillo
by sabine7 / November 16, 2009

Victor Castillo's pop-surrealism paintings include characters who look like hybrids of dolls, puppets and children. They have sausages for noses, and thus have an air of Pinocchio about them. The mask-like faces, with dark holes for eyes, conceal identity but do not hide their expressions as some of them gleefully go about their oft-nasty business. Though inspired by Goya and Velázquez, Castillo sets his players on backgrounds that are eerily flat, yet contain elements that are both baroque and romantic.

Artist: Victor Castillo

Restless and Wild runs from November 28 - December 31, 3009 at Helium Cowboy in Hamburg.

Restless and WIld

Sin in My Heart

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