The Map As Art by Katharine Harmon
by sabine7 / October 11, 2009

The Map As Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography by Katharine Harmon is a detailed volume of artwork by contemporary artists that involves maps or their use. The author examines maps that have been created in a variety of media such as cowhide, animal tissue, rubber, linoleum and various textiles, as well as more expected materials. The book is fascinating as it presents a multitude of ways that the world can be seen, described and appreciated from various points of view. It is a wonderful book for those who love maps and geography, as long as creativity and imagination are acceptable. Not just a pretty book of pictures, The Map As Art has a lot of information about the genre and the works covered.

Hardcover, 256 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2009. $29.70 at Amazon.

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