"Field of Flowers" by Melissa Forman
by sabine7 / October 9, 2009

Melissa Forman features medical studies, spiritual ways of being and the garden in her latest series of paintings. Forman takes an artist's look at the Four Humours, a medieval method of patient diagnosis, by illustrating Melancholia, Vexation, Reluctance and Purity through moody young ladies surrounded by floral motifs and ornate frames. There is a sure sense of feminine drama and mystery in this work, accessorized by deep colours and dark backgrounds.

Artist: Melissa Forman
+ coreyhelfordgallery.com

Garden of Shadows, an exhibition of work by Melissa Forman is on view at the Corey Helford Gallery through October 24, 2009.

The Four Humours - Melancholia

The Four Humours - Vexation


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