"The Birth of Bardo" by Adia Millett
by sabine7 / October 7, 2009

The upcoming show of work by Adia Millett promises to be "a dream-like environment teetering between fantasy and reality." Millett will include a new life-sized installation, as well as photographs from previous installations, and will present her first video. This artist uses found objects, shadows, light and space to create her style of visual poetry. The theme of Millett's new body of work is based on the "transition from loss to potential love. Her work examines the beauty of impermanence, the power of the unknown, and the illusion of innocence. She uses gestures, objects, and sounds to convey an abstracted reality where the viewer is asked to put together pieces of a mysterious puzzle." Sounds absolutely intriguing.

Artist: Adia Millett
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The Birth of Bardo will be on view at the Mixed Greens Gallery in New York from October 8 through November 15, 2009.

The Birth of Bardo (Ups & Downs)

The Birth of Bardo 1

The Birth of Bardo 2


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