"L'viv Group 2001-2002 #2" by Marvin Lipofsky
by sabine7 / October 5, 2009

Is it the use of colour or the extraordinary shapes of Marvin Lipofsky's blown glass sculptures that is more remarkable? A mixture of subtle shading and joyful bursts of hue on glass that is evocative of broken eggshells or seashells makes for eye catching and keeping sculpture. The colours move in tune with the organic forms whose curves and flow can even resemble that of flowers in abstraction.

Artist: Marvin Lipofsky
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A survey of Lipofsky's work from 1969 - 2009 is showing the Micaela Gallery in San Francisco through October 31, 2009.

'Glass Ambitions' International Glass Symposium V, Series 1994 #2

SF • Tacoma Group 2006-2007 #5


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