"Sun Bubble" by Scott Belcastro
by sabine7 / October 1, 2009

Nothing Gold Can Stay is the title of Scott Belcastro's current solo show, about to wrap up this weekend at the London Miles Gallery. The paintings in the show are a reflection of the days Belcastro spent outside while growing up in the countryside of upstate New York. Indeed the scale of landscape to creature in these paintings is indicative of the immensity of the world around us and the "inner silence, loneliness and the search for something larger within ourselves." Belcastro's skies speak of a mix of emotions and some confusion, as his tiny people and animals try to sort it all out from their vantage points. And yet every once in a while, out comes a sun bubble to give us hope.

Artist: Scott Belcastro
+ londonmiles.com

Nothing Gold Can Stay is currently showing at the London Miles Gallery in London through October 5, 2009.

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