"Hog Wild" by Jared Pankin
by sabine7 / September 23, 2009

Baker's Dozen is a multimedia group show at the Torrance Art Museum in California that features the work of Ann Diener, Mark Dutcher, McLean Fahnestock, Aragna Ker, Chuck Moffit, Jared Pankin, Matthew Picton, Tia Pulitzer, Nathan Redwood, Allison Schulnik, Keith Walsh, Augusta Wood, and Eric Yahnker, thirteen artists who have made an impression on the Los Angeles art scene over the past year. The work is a mix of theatricality and materials and is perhaps a reaction to the sea of change with which we are faced. Of particular note is a piece by Jared Pankin, of wood, fake fur, foam and glass, and paintings by Alison Schulnik and Nathan Redwood.

Artists: various
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Baker's Dozen is on at the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance, California through November 7, 2009.

Into White by Nathan Redwood

Currier & Ives #3 (American Winter Sports) by Alison Schulnik


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