"Untitled - Megan in the Park" by Yigal Ozeri
by sabine7 / September 10, 2009

Desire for Anima is the latest series of paintings by Yigal Ozeri. These oils on paper are lush depictions of sensuality, femininity and a healthy relationship with nature. Jana and Jessica frolic in a field of wheat; Megan has a quiet day in the park. Ozeri photographs them from afar, so as not to intrude, then takes this work into the studio where countless tiny brushstrokes recreate the scenes of celebration. Pre-Raphaelite inspiration is evident, as is the presence of Jung.

Artist: Yigal Ozeri
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Desire for Anima opens today at the Mike Weiss Gallery in new York and runs through October 24, 2009.

Untitled - Jana and Jessica in the Field

Untitled - Jessica in the Park


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