"Gipsy Midget with Holy Ghost" by Turf One
by sabine7 / September 4, 2009

There is a sense of the surreal in works by Jean Labourdette, also known as Turf One, as characters take on a side-show aspect. Sometimes working with found objects, there is a sculptural flavour to the paintings whose subjects seem to leap off the gold leaf "canvas." The approach is detailed; a bare-chested fellow in bowler and suspenders juts out his lower lip; a sockless midget has rolled up his pants; neither is afraid to look us in the eye.

Artist: Turf One
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Work by Turf One is featured in Life Size, a 2-person show at the Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal from September 2-13, 2009 in conjunction with the Montreal Tattoo Convention.


Jean qui rit, Jean qui pleure


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