"Portrait of Jack Morton, Head Study II" by Shawn Barber
by sabine7 / September 3, 2009

Piercings and tattoos are often the subject of Shawn Barber's poetic portraits. There is a dark broodiness about Barber's classically influenced oil paintings, and the contemporary edge is softened by brushstrokes and a sensitive use of light and shadow. This painterly style is an unexpected juxtaposition, so while the subjects may draw us in, the talent keeps us there. This is only the tip of the Shawn Barber iceberg; this San Francisco-based artist's work is well worth exploring.

Artist: Shawn Barber
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Work by Shawn Barber is featured in Life Size, a 2-person show at the Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal from September 2-13, 2009 in conjunction with the Montreal Tattoo Convention.

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