"Trust Me" by Eko Nugroho
by sabine7 / August 18, 2009

Under the Shadow is Eko Nugroho's new solo show, and included in this exhibition is Trust Me, a life-size statue of a person covered in flowers. One fist is clenched; the other carries a pistol. Another piece is of a person seated on a flower-covered rock who wears a helmet with no mask. This individual's palms are turned upwards, in a gesture of acceptance. Nugroho, known for odd juxtapositions of human-sized statues and objects, suggests that the shadow acts as an important artistic element, forcing an investigation or exploration of light and dark.

Artist: Eko Nugroho
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Under the Shadow runs from August 15 through October 5, 2009 at P├ękin Fine Arts in Beijing.

Trust Me

Untitled Yet


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