"Star For Alice" by Vince Packard
by sabine7 / August 14, 2009

A new gallery just popped up on our radar: Eclectix in El Cerrito, California, where a group exhibition featuring tattoo- and cartoon-inspired art by 30 artists opens soon. Tattoon is a show with colourful work by artists such as Angelique Houtkamp, Annie Owens, Arabella Proffer, Ben Jelter, Calamity Cole, Chris Buzelli, Chris Kanyusik, Eric October, Garrett Bossio, James Ivey, Lady Reni, Larimie Garcia, Les Toil, Matt Wuerker, Marco Mejia, Nicolas Caesar, Polly Mania, Phillip Hall, Sandi Calistro, and Vince Packard.

Artists: various
+ eclectix.com

The Tattoon Show runs from August 28th to October 4th at Eclectix Gallery.

Betty's Surprise by James Ivey

Dori by Sandi Calistro


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