"Daira" by Andrea Arroyo
by sabine7 / July 15, 2009

Andrea Arroyo's new paintings make up two series, Sacred Women and Fragments. The former is a group of paintings on wood panel whose form is evocative of Byzantine and Medieval iconography and whose subjects are drawn from sacred texts. Fragments, however, are smaller 12" x 12" paintings that are based on details from frescoes found on archeological sites. Influenced also by South East Asian art and dance, Arroyo states, "I have deconstructed the female form, and featured only its most simple, sensual lines bordering the point of abstraction." The simplicity and movement of all these paintings is striking and results in an effect of serene fullness.

Artist: Andrea Arroyo
+ arthaus-sf.com

Andrea Arroyo's work will be exhibited at San Francisco's ArtHaus, July 9 - September 26, 2009.


Miriam and the Red Sea



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