"Pulling Through" by Anna Jóelsdóttir
by sabine7 / July 8, 2009

Although based in Chicago for several years, Anna Jóelsdóttir's Icelandic roots are a steady influence in her work. In constant contact with her homeland, the artist finds herself between two cultures and the results of this overlap translate into the visual topographies of her work. Jóelsdóttir's new paintings are intricate compositions of details and blurs of colour that are grouped together in clumps and connected by fragile lines, resembling maps of imaginary spaces. There is energy and much movement in these works, yet the chaos is balanced with calm.

Artist: Anna Jóelsdóttir
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The Dandelions Are Over, an exhibition of new work by Anna Jóelsdóttir, will be shown at the Zg Gallery in Chicago, July 10-August 15, 2009.

Pulling Through

The Story Behind It

No Way Near


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