"Walkin' Birds" by Jessica-Lynn Fortner
by sabine7 / July 2, 2009

Jessica Fortner is a Toronto-based sculptor and illustrator who creates an assortment of odd beings out of polymer clay and other materials and then photographs them. These creatures are a mix of man and beast, such as the Walkin' Birds above. These creepy old men/chicken look as though they can be up to no good, but those clipped wings should keep them out of trouble. Ludwig the Lemur God is a two-headed mutant who spent years roaming the woods alone until happening upon a village that chose to worship him rather than cast him out. And our final character is The Gold Horned Hexapede Bear that roams the Arctic, mourning her lost love who has been killed by the man in her mouth.

Artist: Jessica-Lynn Fortner
+ jessicafortner.com

Ludwig, the Lemur God

Gold Horned Hexapede Bear


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