"Trying On Something New" by Ric Stultz
by sabine7 / June 30, 2009

The often dulled colours (with precisely aimed infusions of brighter hues) of Ric Stultz's work of gouache, gesso and ink on paper can be deceptive, hiding a sense of humour as the artist makes sharp commentary on the times. Creatures that are blends of technology and tentacles live out lives as best they can; objects that should not behave at all take the stage; and motion and emotion get in the way of the mundane. Stultz, who is influenced by "crickets who are fed to other animals, a good pair of headphones, bumblebee hives, Rhodia notebooks and wine labels" among many more lively inspirations, is a Milwaukee-based painter and illustrator.

Artist: Ric Stultz
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