"Weather Permitting" by Tara Cooper
by sabine7 / July 1, 2009

Weather Permitting is a new show of work by Toronto artist Tara Cooper that just opened last week at Open Studio. The show is based on animation, words and compositions made up of numerous drawings that provide narrative to a weather-based plot. Meteorological conditions reflect personal disaster and states of being through a series of fine drawings that have been carefully cut out and mounted to the gallery walls. Cooper's is the sort of exhibition that begs time of the viewer, to read carefully the story that is authored by his or her eyes and the artist's hands.

Artist: Tara Cooper
+ openstudio.on.ca

Weather Permitting runs through July 18, 2009 at Toronto's Open Gallery.

Hazel Pinned - detail

126 Whiskey Bottles

126 Whiskey Bottles - detail

Installation view

Installation view


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