Gentleman Jim by Raymond Briggs
by sabine7 / June 28, 2009

Gentleman Jim was originally published in 1980, well before there was much interest in graphic novels, but was reissued last year. Written and illustrated by Raymond Briggs, this book is full of intricate drawings that represent both reality and fantasy. A humble toilet cleaner, Jim Bloggs, aspires to greater things and takes inspiration from the boys' adventures books he is fond of reading. In time, Jim realizes that a drastic career change may be more out of reach than he thought. In his endeavours to become a highwayman, Jim encounters much opposition from all official sides and certainly lives out more adventure than he had been used to. This a charming story, albeit sad, that is beautifully illustrated.

Hardcover, 40 pages. Drawn and Quarterly, reissued 2008. $11.66 at Amazon.

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