"Since High School My Most Wanted Has Been to See Roles for Red Leaders... " by Gail Tremblay
by sabine7 / June 26, 2009

Gail Tremblay is a Native American artist who specializes in weaving baskets out of Super 8 / 8 mm film. Instead of using traditional materials, Tremblay uses film to reflect her views on the portrayal of native peoples on the silver screen. Her titles are telling: In Great Expectations (There is No Red Leader), Mountain Men and Indians: A Hot and Prickly History; Scorched Earth Policy; The Damnation of Being Cast as a Supporting Actor in Some Wasichu Story; For Red Queens Who Get Us Through When All We Want to Do is Cry.

Artist: Gail Tremblay
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Memories of a Strawberry Thanksgiving, 2009

In Great Expectations (There is No Red Leader), 2001


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