"Felonious Greetings" by Attaboy
by sabine7 / June 19, 2009

An exhibition of Attaboy's new work has just opened at the POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles. Some of the featured work includes elaborately stencilled enamel on clear acrylic panels, allowing the work to really pop. An array of exotic, mysterious characters who could be from the underground, outer space or both appear to float out from the walls, poised to sting or bite. See what Attaboy has to say about his work, which also includes vinyl figures: "If dinosaurs were meant to create oil, i think we humans are here to create plastic. And i think plastic is forever. Like the need for religion, or even various plastic religions. There's nothing like plastic with spray varnish to withstand the test of time. I'm making art for the damn cockroaches and lung brained jelly pop humans to enjoy 600 years from now."

Artist: Attaboy
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