"Flower Invasion" by Kiersten Essenpreis
by sabine7 / June 9, 2009

Some people never think about art. Those who do sometimes take it for granted. But for those who create and whose work is their livelihood, art is ever present. One of our favourite artists is Kiersten Essenpreis. Her illustrations and paintings are quirky, mysterious and tidily bold. Her command of narrative is such that a painting almost becomes a book. A floral virus steals into a winter scene; a girl with an architectural hairstyle sits daydreaming languidly; an elegant young man and woman have eaten of the sleepy pie.

Essenpreis is currently troubled by an ailment that has affected her right hand: her most important tool. To raise funds to cover the sort of medical bills no artist wants to face, Essenpreis is selling some of her paintings At Great Prices (subtle way of saying check out the sale!) to save her hand. To own a piece of art by Kiersten Essenpreis is a great pleasure; to have the opportunity to do so more comfortably is a chance that should not be missed.

Artist: Kiersten Essenpreis
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Flower Invasion - detail

Flower Invasion

Cliffside Houses

Sleepy Pie


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