Hi-Fructose Collected Edition by Annie Owens
by sabine7 / June 7, 2009

Hi-Fructose Collected Edition by editors Annie Owens and Attaboy is a compilation of the best of the first four volumes of Hi-Fructose magazine, long since sold out as individual editions. Hi-Fructose is a showcase for contemporary art that flies just under the general radar. The Ray Caesar cover is an eye-catcher, and this volume, which will hopefully be the first of a series, contains the work of artists such as Tim Biskup, Junko Mizuno, Gary Baseman, Alex Pardee, Gary Taxali, Scott Musgrove, Jeff Soto, Ray Ceasar, JennyBird, Joe Ledbetter, Longo Land, , Fawn Gehweiler Kurt Halsey, , Ron English, Wilfrid Wood, Jim Woodring, Leslie Reppetaux, Brian McCarty, Attaboy and PShaw!

Hardcover, 256 pages. Last Gasp, 2009. $23.10 at Amazon.

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