"When All the Stars Are Gone" by Thais Beltrame
by sabine7 / May 4, 2009

When All the Stars Are Gone is a new body of work in watercolours and ink on paper by Brazil's Thais Beltrame. The sky and its contents are the inspiration for this collection, and what is brought forth is a series that reflects solitude and the notion that existence is but a passage. "Supposedly all the stars we see today have been dead millions of years," she muses. "Perhaps this is why human beings feel so alone: we live beneath a sky which no longer exists." The children who inhabit her landscape take hold of that which surrounds them. At times they are the manipulators, whereas at others they have less control. But always they are an integral part of their scene.

Artist: Thais Beltrame
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When All the Stars Are Gone opens at the Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood on May 7 and runs through May 28, 2009.


From the series Where Every Battle Begins

From the series Where Every Battle Begins


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