"Tying the Knot" by Karen J. Revis
by sabine7 / May 1, 2009

Karen Revis' latest body of work consists of a series of plexiglass panels embellished by intricate mixed media and gold leaf winding knots that produce a lacy pattern. Revis takes inspiration from the words of Helen Keller who writes, "How does a straight line feel? It feels, as I suppose it looks, straight-- a dull thought drawn out endlessly. It is unstraight lines, or many straight and curved lines together, that are eloquent to the touch. They appear and disappear, are now deep, now shallow, now broken off or lengthened or swelling. They rise and sink beneath my fingers, they are full of sudden starts and pause, and their variety is inexhaustible and wonderful." Perhaps these lines are like our many journeys.

Artist: Karen J. Revis
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