"Shade" by Eric Fortune
by sabine7 / April 17, 2009

Eric Fortune's new work of acrylic on watercolour paper has a quiet steadiness about it. Fortune's success as an illustrator can be seen in these paintings that seem to depict the subjects at a significant point in time, yet this time is cloaked in mystery. Is the young man above in the shade of smoke, shadow or thought? Did he make that break in anger? How did the girl who wears two capes get to her platform? Is she far away or close at hand? Does the Escapist jump into trees or water? Who waits below?

Artist: Eric Fortune
+ lebasseprojects.com

Lost in Light, a solo exhibition of work by Eric Fortune runs through May 2, 2009 at LeBasse Projects in Culver City.

Sans (Female)

The Escapist


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