"Diversion" by Jennifer Davis
by sabine7 / April 16, 2009

Recent work by Jennifer Davis is as winsome as ever. Davis sticks with a soft palette of spring tones, a pleasant mix of pastels, subdued brights and greys for odd little characters and creatures. Diversion is our favorite of the new offerings precisely because the creatures have what it takes: interesting proportions and a resemblance to the Royal Art Lodge style. Davis does not disappoint those who favour her bird-girls, as there is a particularly coy one with lovely striped tights, who sits in a tree full of helicopters in Reflection. And what really makes Guitar stand out is the way the heroine's features are placed on her face. Perfect!

Artist: Jennifer Davis
+ jenniferdavisart.blogspot.com

Jennifer Davis is part of a group exhibition entitled Winsome Playground at the Halogen Gallery in Seattle. The show runs through May 1, 2009.


Guitar - detail


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