"La Noche de la Fusión" by Gary Baseman
by sabine7 / April 15, 2009

ChouChou Buddha holds centre stage in a new exhibition of work by Gary Baseman. A deity that is a composite of many cultures, the ChouChou Buddha is accompanied by the Brazilian-inspired Carnivale Girls. Here's what Baseman had to say about the character that evolved out of his travels: "Eventually I discovered a deity creature who can melt all the arbitrary boundaries away. He is formed from the same origin of one of my other creatures named ChouChou (the little fellow that takes away all the negative energy from girls and oozes out creamy, gooey love from his belly button). This new, all-seeing, all-knowing presence goes beyond the removal of fear and insecurity. He gives us complete freedom to know no limitations in our consciousness. He is a ChouChou Buddha. It resembles my ChouChou character, only he has three more ChouChou heads on top of his head. It's all part of fusing these different cultures and ideas together."

Artist: Gary Baseman
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La Noche de la Fusión opens May 2 at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City and runs through May 23, 2009.



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