"Venice" by Chris Anthony
by sabine7 / April 3, 2009

Chris Anthony's Venice series of photographs is a stunning, theatrical collection of narratives set against the backdrop of a cold sea. Anthony creates a moody world - the mysterious civilization he calls Venice, an icy grey mix of fog and waves. As Anthony puts it, "Venice is a metaphor for a sinking city, deserving of nature's wrath, leaving its citizens to tread water and explore new ways to sustain life on aquatic earth." His subjects are like lost fairy tale characters who suddenly find themselves transported to a wet stage, yet carry on regardless. Brooms, masks, striped tights, music and racquets are only some of their props.

Artist: Chris Anthony
+ coreyhelfordgallery.com

Chris Anthony is exhibiting at Corey Helford Gallery's special exhibition space in Los Angeles through April 18, 2009.




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