"Pseudodocumentation: Broken Glass" by David DiMichele
by sabine7 / April 1, 2009

David Di Michele's Pseudodocumentary series of six large-scale photos are depictions of "fantasy installations in monumental exhibition spaces. The works deal with issues of abstraction, conventions of documenting art, and the ideology of the gallery space." The results are spectacular. Huge panels and slices of broken glass reflect the intersections of the lowered ceiling as viewers carefully make their way between the giant shards. Mountains of salt and asphalt dwarf the gallery visitors as they contemplate both the tidiness and the mess of the materials around them.

Artist: David DiMichele
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Pseudodocumentary will be exhibited at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery from May 14 to July 13, 2009.

Pseudodocumentation: Broken Glass

Pseudodocumentation: Salt and Asphalt (detail)

Pseudodocumentation: Salt and Asphalt


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