"Spike Light" by James Clar
by sabine7 / March 26, 2009

James Clar's current show of lighting designs in Dubai features an exciting variety of work that has never been previously exhibited, including Spike Light. In architectural terms, a spike light is an outdoor luminaire with a small spike that sets it into the ground to illuminates trees, but Clar's version is 1.2 metres high and has a massive chrome-plated chain. Ball & Chain has a similar chain connected to a light sculpture that incorporates 24 headlights into a sphere. Coming Soon is a light sculpture meant to represent a lot of Dubai architecture today. Covered with scaffolding, buildings offer the promise of something new and exciting once the green tarps come off. But while they are still on, the light underneath keeps the promise alive. Other work includes neon sculptures and tensile wires, clear boxes with prismatic film, argyle and mirrors.

Artist: James Clar
+ jamesclar.com
+ viatraffic.org

Work by James Clar will be exhibited at the Traffic Gallery in Dubai through April 16, 2009.


Coming Soon


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