"Momentary" by Catarina Hällzon
by sabine7 / March 23, 2009

Catarina Hällzon takes care of nature's leftovers by incorporating them into jewellery. The Stockholm artist has taken elk teeth, fish skin and scales and pig intestines for use as materials in her practice. Some of the items have a more obvious presence, such as the teeth, but the skin and intestines are stretched and used more subtly. Momentary is the name of the collection that features the necklace above: each bead is the pig gut stretched onto a silver frame. The word perch is embroidered onto a piece of skin and stretched to create a brooch. The tooth of an elk is plated and used as a pendant on a striking chain.

Artist: Catarina Hällzon
+ catarinahallzon.se

Perch brooch

Elk Tooth Necklace


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