"Jessica Sue Layton" by Coke Wisdom O'Neal
by sabine7 / March 17, 2009

While waiting for Coke Wisdom O'Neal's new show to open next month, it seems like a good time to take a look at his Box Series, begun in 2005. This crossover body of work can be considered sculpture, performance and photography. O'Neal creates a huge wooden box that acts as a larger-than-life shadow box for participants who create a narrative. Given the size and scope, no digital manipulation is required, although viewers may be forgiven if they mistake the people for tiny models at first.

Artist: Coke Wisdom O'Neal
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Juan Armenta, Miguel Xique-Nocelotl, Jaime, Joel Ortiz Cisneros, Crispin Cuanent-Xique, Salvador Xique, Feliciano, Gino De La Rosa, Oliver Hall

Chris and Mike O'Neal


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