"Beautiful Prison 2" by Logan Hicks
by sabine7 / March 3, 2009

Logan Hicks is an incredibly talented stencil artist who began as a screenprinter. His work is as layered as his subjects, which are often representative of urban life in some form. Hicks' architectural subjects are beautiful tapestries of building details and facades, all hinting at lives being lived and the layers of history that continue to build. Some of his prints have an old-fashioned sepia-tone or are in many shades of black, white and grey, but those that integrate bold, flat colour as contrast give off an air of surrealism that really makes the details pop. The facades are teasing. On the one hand they seem to make a bold statement: what you see is what you get. But we know the facades are but fronts for all manner of mystery.

Artist: Logan Hicks
+ loganhicks.com

1601 Guildford Bldg

Land Candy - detail

Land Candy


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