"Silently I Begged" by Dirk Westphal
by sabine7 / March 2, 2009

The body of work for which Dirk Westphal is most known is his collection of close-up fish photographs, especially mutant goldfish raised in New York's Chinatown. The overbred fish are shot with large-format cameras and housed in specially made tanks so that the artist can create hyperrealist portraits that take the viewer closer into the world of the fish. Westphal's work has been described as "fish porn," but some of the photos are almost abstract in scope. Final prints are often embedded in acrylic to capture more of an underwater feeling.

Artist: Dirk Westphal
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Super Über is an exhibition of Dirk Westphal's work at the Mixed Greens Gallery in New York from March 19 through April 18, 2009.

Very Extreme, Maybe Even Hysterical 2005

Deluxe Combination Pomacentridae 2004


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