More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today by Jennifer Siegal
by sabine7 / March 1, 2009

More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today edited by Jennifer Siegal is not strictly a book about mobile homes, as one may think. Topics are much wider ranging and include domotics, wearable architecture (think connected garments), teardrop-shaped tree tents, a birthing tent, Andrea Zittel's compartment units, micro modular units, a furniture-bicycle (yes, the Furnicycle), Uniqlo container stores, and more. In fact, the emphasis is not really on mobile residences at all, but on the variety of uses that mobile spaces can have. This is a tidy book with such a mix of projects from studios all over the world that there is bound to be some item of interest here for everyone.

Paperback, 144 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2008. $18.21 at Amazon.

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