"Accident" by Jeremy Hatch
by sabine7 / February 19, 2009

Vancouver artist Jeremy Hatch integrates modern touches into classic ceramics, perfect examples of Elegant Corruptions, the show in which they were exhibited. Accident is a decorative wall piece seems like a simple figurine at first glance, but the highlighted detail of the boy's puddle contradicts the refinement. The (Sevres) Urn takes on a fleshy aspect, as Hatch takes an eighteenth century form and reveals an unexpected interior. The Soft Candlesticks are hand-pinched, putting the emphasis on the maker's mark and enveloping it with gold lustre.

Artist: Jeremy Hatch
+ jeremyhatch.ca
+ ricochetstudio.blogspot.com

(Sevres) Urn

Soft Candlesticks


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