"Freaksware" by Katherine Morley
by sabine7 / February 17, 2009

Katherine Morley's Freaksware pieces of tableware are modelled on the sideshow "freaks" of the circus of yesteryear, and actually modeled on real performers. Made of glazed slip cast porcelain, this collection took the stage as part of the Radiant Dark Elegant Corruptions exhibit curated by MADE in Toronto last week. The irregularities, perceived or not, of the Schlitze the Pinhead, Violet and Daisy Hilton, Johnny Eck the Half Boy and the Curved Lady are softened by the medium as the artist explores the notion of human oddities from a perspective that combines nostalgia and horror. The inspiration for these pieces may come from the past, but, sadly, a quick pass across the channels and we realize that television is the new circus. What is normal anyway?

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Schlitze the Pinhead and Violet & Daisy Hilton

The Curved Lady (identity unknown)

Johnny Eck the Half-Boy


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